Sorry for my absence! It’s the holidays! Or at least it was. Anyway…

I’m sick of being so sedentary. I have this sudden urge lately to just get up and use the muscles God gave me. However that may be - going to the gym, hiking, yoga, swimming, skiing, sex… I just need to move. I have holiday cookies and endless Carburitos and Med Deli gyro platters weighing me down. I just feel … meh. I also made a vow to not touch fast food. I had been grazing a lot back at work (Taco Bell) before the holidays, and now that I’ve had a few weeks to get out of the habit, I’m going to stay off it. Ew. 

I think I’m done using My Fitness Pal. It was helpful at the beginning of this whole journey. It put things into perspective and showed me what I was putting into my body and how it all adds up. Now I feel like it’s not doing much more for me - it just gets old after awhile. I’m not saying it’s bad or doesn’t work, it certainly does, but I don’t plan on being on it my entire life. So I’m going to drop the crutch, and just learn to make good choices on my own now. Maybe that means I won’t be eating less than 1200 calories EVERY day, but now I’ll be choosing foods based on their nutritional value and not a number. I don’t want to be counting for the rest of my life. Maybe I’ll go back on it here and there just to keep myself in check, but for the most part I think I’m retiring from MFP.

I know I haven’t been very active in my diet and blogging this past semester. I haven’t been eating very well, either. I’ll be honest about it. I think I needed to get all the “I can eat and do whatever the hell I want I’m living on my own in college finally hell yeahhhh” feeling out of my system. I just want to be nutritionally responsible again like I was last year.  I kind of miss it. I forgot about how shitty you feel from eating too much shitty food. 

The bright side of this semester of unhealthy eating. I didn’t actually gain weight. The downside, I can tell I’ve lost muscle mass and gained fat. :/

Call it a diet renaissance, I suppose.

Any words of wisdom from you guys?